It’s all about retail – part 2

It’s all about retail – part 1
December 8, 2016
Giordano steps up to the digital era through e-commerce! (Part 1)
March 1, 2017
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Customers are truly loyal to the experiences they prefer. Your loyal customers return because the experiences you create are preferable to those delivered by your competitors. The experience your brand offers is yours alone and that will provide you with a true competitive advantage.

Customer experience today has also been taken to a different level – in the virtual world. The ‘brick and mortar’ store concept of course remains a major force but a strong presence online matters – be that online selling or by merely connecting with customers through social media. How you use social media can spell the difference for your brand. Operationally, leveraging online formats and the use of social media can not only cut costs but can also contribute to business growth.

Knowing your customer also provides you with the ability to offer them products and a service level that they are always on the lookout for. Understanding how to better communicate your brand image to the customer is also key. The customer is KING – this is as true today as when the phrase was first coined.

Nothing will turn a shopper off more than rude or pushy salespeople, long lines at the checkout and items without tags or prices. And shoppers will not complain about these issues. It’s just too much hassle and they can’t be bothered to waste time. It could also be that they feel no matter what they say, the problem will not be resolved. Customers will simply vote with their feet, walk out and spend their cash elsewhere.

Ishwar Chugani
Managing Director

Ishwar Chugani


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