Giordano means Service Campaign

Giordano spearheads growth and customer support across regions
June 16, 2016
It’s all about retail – part 1
December 8, 2016

_mg_5395At Giordano we continuously strive to provide our customers with a total shopping experience so that we achieve our objective of selling more.

Customer Service is paramount and we strive to go that extra mile

Customers rarely buy from a company. They buy from … a person they like, a person they trust, a person who is knowledgeable, a person who delivers what is promised.They want to do business with people they know and people who know them.gms

Whatever you do, others can follow or even do it better. If we are to achieve continuous positive growth and be a step ahead of the competition, it is ‘YOU’ our PEOPLE – who will make the difference.

Remember in business you are never trying to beat the competition. You are trying to give your customer something other than what they are receiving from the competition.

It is a waste of time and energy trying to beat the competition because the customers don’t care about rivalry.

Ishwar Chugani
Managing Director

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